Apple Worry – Wednesday 10th November 2021

Apple worry

I’m suffering from apple worry. Ari and I are now up to several apples a day each in our addiction. It’s been fine so far as the supply is plentiful. Now I’m looking at the tree and I’m beginning to be concerned. The numbers for us to eat are reducing. What are we going to do when they come to an end? Do you think Mum will be prepared to add several dozen apples a week to the shopping list so that Ari and I can feed our addiction? Ari has suggested another problem. If we leave them outside too long then they might start to rot. I’m wondering if we should increase our daily intake so that they don’t go to waste.

Food is a theme

In fact, food is a bit of theme in our house at the moment. Dad has to have a test done that needs him to be on a special diet first. He’s been given a leaflet of what he can have and what he can’t. He is very concerned, it covers things like vegetables and meat but nowhere as the important things like wine, crisps and chocolate. I said if they weren’t specifically mentioned then he’s probably ok to eat them, but Mum said it may not work quite like that. I think on balance Dad prefers my advice on this one.

Getting ready

I’m off to get ready for my grandparents’ visit. I need to put my toys and bones away so they aren’t all over the floor. I’m hoping Ari might give me a paw with it, but the problem then is we forget we’re supposed to be putting them away and start playing with them. Shadow doesn’t play much these days, but Ari is usually up for some fun.



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