Fears are silly – Thursday 11th November 2021

Fears are silly

Most fears are silly really. For the most part I am a completely fearless dog. I do things that worry mum and I think nothing of it at all. The things that bother me are usually very silly. It’s sometimes something that has been blown by the wind and is out of place. You know those things in life you aren’t expecting. Anyway, when I first met my maternal grandparents one of their hearing aids let out a high pitched noised that really hurt my ears and went right through me. It was like being given an electric shock. Actually, I had one of those when I went into a fence and it was worse than that. The point is, I get really stressed now when I see them as I’m worrying it’s going to happen again.


I get really stressed whenever Mum takes me to their house, even if I stay in the car on the drive. Mum thought I associated the noise with place and that I’d be fine when they came here yesterday. She was wrong and I wasn’t. I wouldn’t even eat my lunch and you know how not like me that is. In my head I was really happy they could get here and like the others I so wanted them to be part of our new life. However, my body just does it’s own thing and takes over, leaving me a nervous wreck. Mum said if she’d have realised it was going to be like that she would have given me some herbal calmer to help me deal with it. Next time.


It’s a stress reaction. Mum probably needs my herbal calmer to cope with having to see as many people as she’s having to deal with on the house. Her fear of covid means she’s finding it all very difficult indeed. At least my own fears mean I do understand how she’s feeling and can be there for her. She’s pretty good when I’m like that too and never tells me off. On the simple things she shows me they’re ok and I try to do the same for her. But you know what it’s like when a reaction is physical. There’s no amount of rational thinking that just makes you think ‘ok then, no problem’. I do wish I could get over it.



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