Staying clean – Monday 15th November 2021

Staying clean

I spent most of yesterday’s walk staying clean – except maybe the part where I ate part of a cow pat. Anyway, we went on our muddy walk for Jeep, so they could collect information on which breeds of dog get muddiest. We had a lovely walk through the lanes and fields near here. Mum had chosen a route that would involve plenty of mud for me to enjoy. She even put me on the long lead so I could go through whatever I wanted without dragging her into it. Now here’s the funny thing, I didn’t get very muddy. Oh there was plenty of mud, but I just didn’t end up coating myself in it. By the time I arrived home and Mum wanted to brush what mud there was onto the sheet we were provided with, there wasn’t very much to brush.

Dirty paws

Mum even tried to brush off any I had left on my paws, but that just tickled. I’ll be honest, there was more on her boots than there was on my paws. Oh, I’d eaten more than Mum had. She’s funny about things like that. Most humans are weird about mud after about the age of five. Anyway, I digress. I’ll send off what I have but I’m really not going to be up there as one of the muddy dogs. I was quite proud of how clean I stayed but Mum seemed disappointed.


The rest of the day was spent in the garden. We had a great time. Ari and I were eating apples while Mum was working and Shadow was watching. It was one of those days when at the end of it you just think that you wish every day could be like that. By the end of it we were all ready for a good sleep. I had a bit of a nap at lunchtime too. Mum smiled when I arranged the cushions so I’d got a nice pillow. I don’t think it’s odd when she does it, so I don’t see why she thinks it’s funny when I do it.



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