No internet – Tuesday 16th November 2021

No internet

Since the middle of yesterday afternoon we’ve had no internet except on Mum and Dad’s mobile phones. As a dog I didn’t think it was as big a problem as Mum seemed to think it was, until it was time to post my diary. Then I realised I’d need to borrow Mum’s mobile phone. She hadn’t had a good day all round so I had to be especially nice to her. I may have to be nice for a while as they say they aren’t sending an engineer until tomorrow. There is a serious risk the humans in the house are going to have to start talking to each other. They depend on the internet for so many things now. On the bright side there is nothing to stop them taking me for a walk.

Elaborate operation

An elaborate operation is taking place in our garden. Mum is trying to move the arbour and it’s too heavy to lift. She has blown up the tyres on the trolley that was bought to carry the big crate with Aristotle in it. Now she’s planning for them to ledge the arbour on the trolley and wheel it across the garden. The arbour is bigger than the trolley. The grass is not flat and even. What could possibly go wrong? She has said we all need to be indoors out of the way when she’s doing this so I may not be able to report on exactly what happens. I can see her point, but I think it’s a shame.

Dad and DIY

We had a prime example as to why Mum does most of the DIY around here. Dad had put a new bolt onto the door of the piggery Ticket Office. Mum went to open it and could not understand why the door wouldn’t open. He’d fitted the bolt very well. The screws he’d used had gone through both doors and secured it shut. Once they realised what the problem was they couldn’t stop laughing. Then Mum went to get some smaller screws and sorted the problem out.



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