Woo hoo more snow – Monday 29th November 2021

Woo hoo more snow

Woo hoo there was more snow here yesterday afternoon. Such an unexpected pleasure for all of us dogs. We just went outside and refused to come in. Ari and I have decided that chilled snowy apples are even better to eat than warm ones. I don’t know who many we got through before we finally gave in when Mum dragged us inside. To be fair she didn’t so much drag us as steer Shadow in the right direction with us following. I had to laugh as we went. One statement you don’t hear every day is ‘Don’t barge your mother’. Obviously that was directed as Aristotle as he knocked Shadow over in a quite deliberate act.

Snow makes us high

Mum says snow seems to make us high. Once we were inside all Ari did was bark to ask to be allowed outside again. Mum got very cross in the end. It wasn’t as though we’d not had a lot of time out there, so she wasn’t really being mean. Ari saw it differently but then he always does when it doesn’t suite him.

Travel is complicated

Things have all got a little complicated for today as Dad has to fly to Belgium and Switzerland this week and all the rules have changed. We were all hoping that there’d be time to get the Christmas tree today, but Dad has to go and have a test instead so there may not be enough time. Humans are really boring. I was upset when Mum told me we’re back to not being able to go to Switzerland even if we did want to. She thinks we’ll have to wait until spring now, which is hard as I really want to go to see Mamma Susie. It’s hard having elderly parents and not being able to see them.