Expressive Face – Tuesday 30th November 2021

Expressive face

According to Mum I have an expressive face. I don’t think it would take an expert biscuit maker to work out what I was thinking. If that dog doesn’t start getting his own apples there is going to have a very big row. He is not that good at sharing. He takes after his mother in that regard. Me? Oh I don’t grumble when he sticks his nose into my bowl when I’m still eating. If that happens the other way around he is very quick to complain. Anyway, this one was my apple and I didn’t want to share it with him or anyone else.

By anyone else, I mean Shadow of course. She has now got in on the apple eating and tends to have the cast off bits that Ari and I leave. To be fair, her teeth are past their best so she doesn’t want to bite into a whole one, especially with them being frozen at the moment.

Bon voyage

We had to wave Dad off this morning. He’s not going away for long, but it is all very complicated. He had so many forms that I think we were all confused. On the good news front I had a lovely message from the Ambassador to say the first advice was wrong and I am allowed to travel with Mum to my homeland if I need to. It’s not that we’re planning to go right now, but it’s nice to know we can if needs be. I don’t think the Ambassador was writing just to me, but it was nice to hear from her all the same. The house is going to seem very quiet until Dad comes back again. It’s not that he makes much noise, but it’s always nice to know he’s there.