In memory of Hendrix – Saturday 4th December 2021

In Memory of Hendrix

Today I will lift a bowl in memory of Hendrix. Although I hadn’t seen him for a while, he was a good friend and I will never forget him introducing me to the beach when I was still a puppy. He died this week from cancer of the spleen and liver at the young age of only 7 ½, just a year and a bit older than me. The only good thing was that he did not suffer for long, but it has all come as a shock to us all and to his poor humans. He was a fine gentleman of a dog and was never happier than out an about taking his humans for walks or to the pub. He was an example to us all of just what living life to the full means and we should all follow his example.

Rest in peace, buddy and we hope there are ball games a plenty on the other side of the rainbow bridge.

Quarantine cancelled

Dad was all set for ten days of not being allowed out, when Switzerland changed its mind and cancelled quarantine. Now I really wish I could be there with Dad – there’s snow and I want to play in it. On the bright side he will at least be able to go shopping now. Mum was worrying about him not having any fresh food in the house. Ari laughed. He pointed out that as a bloke fresh food wasn’t quite so important and as long as he had beer and crisps he’d be fine. I think that was wishful thinking on Ari’s part. We haven’t had any dog beer for ages.

Fencing day

Today I have to behave while Mum fills in the holes in the front fence. She has an eleven meter stretch to deal with, so I’m guessing we’ll be outside for a while. Shadow has asked to stay indoors. She’s finding the damp air is getting into her bones. Ari and I will simply chase each other and eat apples.



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