Almost holiday time – Monday 6th December 2021

Almost holiday time

It’s almost holiday time. Mum is still promising that from tomorrow for a week we are all on holiday. She has no plans to go out and she won’t be sitting at her desk working. Unfortunately the forecast is rain so I don’t think we’ll be sitting outside together all week. We can’t even sit in the greenhouse as that leaks. She has promised we’ll spend some time outside when it’s dry, so I do hope we get some dry weather. She has also said we can all go back to bed with her in a morning. We’ve all put our paws up for that one.

What will we do?

It’s not that we won’t do anything, but Mum has said she isn’t going to plan to do anything. That way if we do anything it will be a bonus and if we don’t do anything she won’t feel guilty. There’s a very long list of jobs waiting to be done, but if they are still there at the end of the week then it won’t matter at all.

One thing she hasn’t done for a long time which she says it would be nice to do is bake some bread. I asked if she might think about some biscuits either instead or as well. She is thinking about it.

Christmas presents

One thing Mum says she does need to do, even if it means using our holiday, is sort out Christmas presents and finish sending our cards. I hope that doesn’t take too long. Shadow has seen a coat she’d like so she doesn’t get cold outside. I’d just like the pile of apples to continue indefinitely. Ari says he’ll think about it, but probably has everything he needs right now. He’s just a laid back kind of guy.



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