Gone, all gone – Friday 10th December 2021

Gone, all gone

They’ve gone, all gone. We’ve eaten the whole pile of apples. We had help from the wildlife around here, but I think we ate most of them. It’s awful. I feel hungry at the end of each meal. Ari and I even got into trouble yesterday for trying to upend our food containers in the hope that the lids weren’t on properly. I saw Ari but he was just standing by. It sounds better if I don’t admit that was all my doing. When Mum went into the engine shed, I sidled in behind her. Sadly, she noticed me long before I was able to steal an apple off one of Dad’s storage shelves.

Instead we have sticks

Instead we have sticks… and branches. Thanks to the weather there are plenty of pieces of old wood falling out of the trees. It was so funny. Mum went round with the wheelbarrow and gathered a whole load of them up and put them ready for Dad to shred when he is home. We went round and pulled replacements out of the hedges to leave on the grass where we wanted them. By the time we’d finished you would never have known Mum had done any clearing up at all. That was how we filled the time while she was fencing. It was a lot more productive than watching her failed efforts. She did keep going, which frankly showed just how like us she really is.

More fencing

Mum has said she might try to finish the stretch of fencing she was doing this morning. I’m just hoping it stays dry as I’d like a morning outside. Let’s see if she swears as much today as she did yesterday. Honestly, there were words I had to look up the meaning for!