Please pray for Shadow – Saturday 11th December 2021

Please pray for Shadow

Dear friends, please pray for Shadow. She collapsed for a second time overnight on Thursday. At 2.30am Mum heard her moving and then coughing so was waiting to see if she settled again. Then Shadow keeled over again and Mum shot out of bed. Shadow was completely out of it for a short while and lost control of her bladder again. Yesterday morning Mum took her to the vet. We’d already concluded this was nothing to do with her hips. The vet has said it is her heart. Her heart murmur has got quite a bit worse quickly. She is going to have to have a scan next week to find out what is going on and what can be done. However, the vet has warned Mum that it is possible that Shadow will keel over again and may not get as far as the scan.

Hard to sleep

Mum says she’s going to find it very hard to sleep, listening for every movement from Shadow. There is nothing we can do differently for her in the meantime, except to hope and pray that she will get as far as her scan and the vets can find what more can be done to help her. We know she’s old but she’s such an important part of the family that we can’t bear the thought of losing her.

We’re all having a duvet day today to catch up on some of the sleep we aren’t getting at night. With going to the vet Mum didn’t finish the fencing yesterday but the weather forecast doesn’t look so good today so I don’t think she’s even going to try.

Shadow’s plan for the day

Shadow says she’s trying not to think about it all and plans to continue as though nothing is wrong. She hasn’t finished writing her Christmas cards for her children so she says she wants to get on with that if Mum will help her. She always has been a wonderfully stubborn dog.




  1. Oh Shadow, what can I say? You will be in my thoughts and prayers till you can get in for your scan. Just continue to be stubborn and stay with us. Great BIG hugs to all x

  2. Thinking of you Shadow and hoping you have a lovely restful duvet day with your mum . Love from Judi, Betsy & Milly

    • Ari and I got sent out of the room for play fighting. Mum said she’d never get back to sleep with us doing that and she didn’t want it around Shadow. Being good is so hard
      Love Wilma

  3. To my Mum, I want to send you lots of love and hugs. I just wish I could come and lay close to you but I am sure Wilma, Ari and your Mum will be giving you the best care and attention. Lots of Love Dickens XXXXX

    • I wish you were here too. She keeps getting into bed with me so she’s near someone and I’d like a break. We’re doing our best to take special care of her.
      Love Wilma

  4. To Shadow, Wilma, Ari and your Mum – you’re very much in my thoughts and prayers. What a shock for you all xx

    • Thank you. Yes, it’s been a difficult week all round. We’re taking good care of Shadow.

  5. Sending you our very Best Wishes Shadow, thinking of you at this special time of the year and hoping you have a woofly Christmas xx

    • Thanks, Bernie. Tell your Mum I really miss having a good run with you and wish we could do it again soon. Maybe it will feel safe for my Mum by next spring

  6. My thoughts and prayers are with Shadow, bless her! I know too well how stressful those moments can be for pups and their humans alike. The vet should be able to fine-tune Shadow’s heart medication and this may instantly help her. Big Hugs and Love! xx

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