The paintbrushes are out – Monday 13th December 2021

The paintbrushes are out

Well, the paintbrushes are out, which is never a good sign. It usually means one or other of us is going to forget the paint is wet and end up getting it on our coat. At the moment it will be a choice between bright yellow or cream if the accident occurs in the bedroom and purple if it’s in the kitchen. As they are colours Mum has used before we already have a fair idea of how they go with our fur. The plan is that if the weather is dry and not too windy we’ll do some work in the garden and if it isn’t then we have to paint. Whatever happened to curling up reading magazines?


I suppose I’m being unreasonable. It was lovely and sunny yesterday morning and between repairing the fence and digging her herb garden Mum did sit down on the seat with us and enjoy the sunshine. Shadow was having such a lovely time. She hasn’t had another episode so we’re all crossing everything that she will stay that way until her scan and us finding out more what is going on. In the meantime I’m just hoping for more sunshine so we can sit outside all the time.

Looking forward to Saturday

We’re all looking forward to Saturday when Dad comes home. Although he will quarantine away from Mum I know she’ll let us go to see him. I’m not under any illusions, it will be Shadow he most wants to see, but that’s ok. We’re all putting her first right now. I’m hoping he will want to do some gardening when he’s home too, and we can all help with that. Only five days to go and I can count those off on my toes.



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