Hugh Grant – Tuesday 14th December 2021

Hugh Grant

We spent the afternoon in the bedroom with Hugh Grant yesterday. Ok, so not the actual Hugh Grant in person, but he was reading the audio book Mum was listening to as we all did some decorating. We mainly lounged around listening to the book while Mum did the work. She was working in a tight space behind where the wardrobe is in the middle of the floor so we didn’t offer to help. We’ll get involved when she’s working in a more open area and we can really rub our coats along the wall to annoy her. Mind you, to be fair, Mum is already doing a good enough job of wearing the paint for all of us.

Off for her scan

Shadow will be off for her scan this afternoon. She’s feeling a little anxious about it but says she needs to know the result so she’ll be brave. Hopefully it will be something they can improve with tablets as other than her heart she’s doing really well for her age. She still loves the time we spend out in the garden and is as happy to bark at the neighbours as the rest of us. Mum says she doesn’t imaging the neighbours find it quite as fun as we do, but that hasn’t stopped us.

Shadow has asked me to thank all of you for your messages to her. She’s not great at writing, but she’s appreciated all the ones we read to her.

Santa Paws

Finally, Mum has asked what we would all like from Santa Paws. I was starting to think she’d forgotten about us. The problem now is that I’m not absolutely sure what to ask for. Ari answered immediately and said he’d like some apples. I was thinking of something a bit bigger than that and wondered if I could ask for a trip to Switzerland to see Mama Susie. I don’t think Mum would want to leave Shadow at the moment though.