No specific cause – Wednesday 15th December 2021

No specific cause

The vet can find no specific cause for Shadow’s fainting. The great news is that as far as he could tell there is nothing scary going on and her heart is not doing too badly at all, despite the increase in her murmur. He checked the nodule on her spleen while he was having a look and there’s no change to that, which is great. There are things that could be causing the faints, but the most scary things aren’t so we’re all very happy about that. Mum has to let the vet know if she faints again and we’ll monitor the circumstances. He also explained when to worry and treat it as an emergency, which was very helpful. Shadow said we’ve got to stop making so much fuss and then fell asleep.

Purple or Yellow?

We have a choice of purple or yellow paint to catch our fur on today depending on which room we are in. The white paint will be dry now, so that’s no longer a risk. I have to say they are both quite nice but probably don’t go with my current coat colours and I’ve never been one to dye my hair by choice.

We did have a very funny moment the other day when Mum was cleaning up some dust from where she’d been sanding. She was using the pipe from the vacuum cleaner and Ari was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. You should have seen the look on his face as his tail started being sucked up the vacuum pipe. He was not a happy dog. He said it felt very strange indeed. We all laughed, which didn’t help. Nothing hurts more than pride.

I’m hoping Mum will come out to do some gardening first today as I think the forecast is good. Catch you later.




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