Grandpa is going home – Saturday 18th December 2021

Grandpa is going home

Grandpa is going home from hospital in plenty of time for Christmas. It is such good news. He is fed up of being stuck in hospital. He’s been there for over a month. He just can’t wait to be back at home. He’s amazing. Despite being 96 he’s back up and walking and improving all the time. He is going to be one very happy grandpa.

Christmas menu

Meanwhile, Mum has been discussing the Christmas menu with us. Given it’s only going to be Mum and the three of us, she says we could always do things a little differently. She’s going to save the crackers until Dad comes home as quite honestly they’re not our favourites. The turkey will be cooked ahead of Christmas day and she’s asked what we think to having steak on the day itself. You can imagine what I said. Shadow said she’d quite like turkey if that’s ok as it’s easier to chew and gentler on her stomach.

Party Games

I asked if the party games on Christmas Day could be more tailored to us dogs. We’re not so hot with Trivial Pursuit but would love a game of fetch and maybe biscuit catch. At the moment there’s snow forecast which would make it extra special. Mum says if there’s snow we are definitely going out to build a snow dog.

It won’t be nearly so much fun without Dad, but Mum has promised we can have another Christmas Day when Dad is home. I hope that means she’ll order another turkey and buy us all a second set of presents. You know, I really don’t buy the saying that you can have too much of a good thing. I think the person who came up with that had no imagination at all.




    • Oh it’s the very best. You should try it. Someone throws a biscuit and you have to catch it in your mouth. They then take a step back and through for a longer distance. You are out when you miss. If you like biscuits you can get very good at catching.
      Love Wilma

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