Like a Greyhound – Sunday 19th December 2021

Like a Greyhound

Mum says I run like a greyhound. I’ve always been pretty fast and Ari and I have been running around like mad. We’re worn a track or two into the grass on our favourite chasing routes. Mum doesn’t think Ari has ever been as fit or fast as he is now. Not bad given he’s ten years old and has bad legs. We are so lucky having lots of lovely grass to run on. The best bits about our garden from a dog point of view is that there are plenty of trees to run around. We love having a reason to execute a turn and go in a different direction. One of these days we’re going to land in the pond, but I can live with that. Mum is less keen on that idea as she’d be the one having to fish us out and dry us off.

Present wrapping

I don’t know which is worse today. Mum has given us all the choice between helping with the present wrapping or the decorating. I put my paw up for decorating but Ari said he thought present wrapping might be safer. To be quite honest, Mum’s not awfully good at the present wrapping so I think she’ll be nicer to be around if she’s painting. It’s very important to take things like that into account.

I asked if we could do the gardening instead, but the weather is so miserable that even I could see why Mum wasn’t so keen on that idea. If she doesn’t finish digging out the herb garden it isn’t going to be ready for when she needs to start planting.


On the bright side, Mum has been persuaded by the idea of steak on Christmas Day itself. I’m a very happy dog. She’s even said that Shadow can have some of the turkey instead, so Shadow’s happy too.