Humans are weird – Tuesday 21st December 2021

Humans are weird.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, humans are weird. Mum is excited about going to have a vaccination. Have you ever seen a dog jumping up and down with excitement about going to the vet for their annual boosters? No, me neither. Mum tried to explain to me why she was so happy and to be fair she made a good case. However, even though they are for my protection I can never see myself getting that excited. Mum said it was different for me as I’m usually a fairly healthy dog. She has had difficulty finding somewhere that can give her the particular vaccine she needs and now the surgery has some, she is very happy about it.

There’s no change of plan. She says it isn’t going to change the amount she goes out, which frankly I was very pleased to hear, but it will help her to feel a little safer.

Today’s the day

Today’s the day when Grandpa will go home from hospital too. So it’s a pretty good day all round. He thought he was going home yesterday but then the hospital said that he’d have to stay another day, which was very hard for him. He’s been there over a month and will be so happy to be back in his own home. He has lived in the same house for the last ninety-one years and that is a very long time. It’s no wonder he misses it.

Glorious Mud

Mum was working in one corner of our garden and discovered it is very wet and boggy. You cannot believe how exciting it is to find such a wonderful source of mud. Oddly, Mum wasn’t excited, but then I suppose this goes back to the original point I was making – humans are weird. Mum says we need to work out why it is so wet. I said we should just enjoy it and not worry.



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