More of the same – Tuesday 28th December 2021

More of the same

Yesterday was more of the same. More decorating. More watching a film long distance all together. Oh and more begging for scraps. More barking at everyone passing by. You get the general picture. It really is a shame there are only two Paddington movies as we have all enjoyed watching those together. It almost fitted our original Christmas plan. We have both films on DVD and Dad was going to bring them home with him as they’re in Switzerland. We were all going to spend Christmas Day curled up and a big Paddington bonanza. We’ve had to spread them over two days but it’s been fun anyway.

Decorating not going to plan

The decorating was not going to plan. Mum is trying to paint a ceiling in an area which is quite dark. If you turn the light on just there it points light down rather than up, so just blinds Mum. She decided to get the uplighter standard lamp from the lounge. That wouldn’t work, so she presumed the bulb needed changing. From the look of the blackened bulb she was right. The only problem was that whatever happened to blacken the bulb also seems to have stopped the lamp working. At that point Mum took it as a sign that she should give up and not try painting that bit yesterday. Today she is looking for a plan B – but then, aren’t we all?

English weather

I do so hate English weather. I long for the crisp bright snowy days of my homeland. Instead the forecast suggests another ten days of grey rainy weather when it barely gets light. I know rain is important, but you really can have too much of it. Days like this are only really ok if you’ve got a log fire to curl up in front of and we haven’t.



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