Planning for Christmas – Wednesday 29th December 2021

Planning for Christmas

We’re planning for Christmas. Oh I know what you’re thinking. You think we mean next year and yes Mum is thinking about that. She’s thinking we need to plan for Dad being safely at home here with us long before the actual day so it doesn’t all go wrong again. What I actually mean though was that we are busily planning for this Christmas. Mum and Dad are going to have a delayed Christmas once he is home and safely out of quarantine. When he comes home on Friday he will go into quarantine for Mum’s protection, although I think she’s hoping they can have New Year outside so they at least celebrate together. Then he will have to wait.

9th of January

Please don’t tell me it’s bad luck to keep our decorations up. They will stay up until we’ve had our family Christmas on Sunday 9th January. Mum is cooking Christmas dinner and they will be opening their presents together. So what that it won’t be 25th December. It’s not as though that was Jesus’s actual birthday in the first place. It’s just a convenient date that suited pagans and Christians alike. Well, the 9th of January suits us this year. There will be crackers and party hats and dogs causing mayhem. All the usual activities.

Resisting temptation

The biggest problem is going to be resisting temptation and not eating the chocolate mints before that. Not us, obviously. We don’t eat chocolate mints ever. I’m not sure if the reason there are two bags of chocolate mints is because Mum knows she has very little willpower when it comes to resisting things like that. I do hope there are some left for Dad by the time he can get to them. It would be very sad if there weren’t.



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