Odd day – Thursday 30th December 2021

Odd day

Yesterday was an odd day. Mum’s computer went wrong. Now if you know the expression ‘like a bear with a sore head’ I can only say that bear must have felt pretty cheerful compared to being around Mum yesterday. She was not good company. It hadn’t helped that she’d been woken at twenty past four by the house alarm going off for no reason whatsoever. It meant she was already in a pretty bad mood before the computer decided to do its own thing. The worrying thing was that it spent all day doing its own thing and last time I checked was still going rogue. My platitudes of ‘better now than when you go back to work’ didn’t help the situation.

Keeping clear

The best thing to do in those situations is to keep clear. I sloped off to find a bed in the other room. Ari bravely stayed close by, but even he said it was touch and go for a while. This is where Shadow being partially deaf is an advantage. She managed to sleep close by Mum relatively undisturbed. Mum did close her office door for a while, but that didn’t last long as Shadow had the most awful wind once again. I’m sure she’s getting worse with age.


Parts of our garden seem to be somewhat waterlogged. When I did get Mum outside we had a walk round discussing how one goes about putting in drainage channels. Let’s be honest here, neither Mum nor I have the first idea of what you do in that situation, but we’re going to have to do something. She thinks having it drain into the pond might be the best idea. I did remind her she’s always wanted a stream running through the garden, so this might just be her opportunity.



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