My resolutions – Saturday 1st Januar 2022

My Resolutions

It’s tiresome, but Mum insists that I tell you my resolutions, so here they are:

  1. I will not get over excited when playing with Aristotle.
  2. I’ll stop digging up the grass.
  3. I won’t wake Mum before six in the morning, however hungry I am.
  4. My barking will be reduced from the current levels and I won’t bark in Mum’s ear.
  5. I will stop trying to eat Shadow’s food as well as my own.

Mum suggested others, but quite honestly how many things does one girl have to remember? Five was definitely enough. Aristotle is keeping his resolutions quiet, which I didn’t think was fair. How are we going to know if he sticks to them or not? He said that was the point. Shadow says at her age she’s already achieved perfection so didn’t need to make any.

Attainable and measurable

Mum explained that my goals should be attainable and measurable. That kind of spoiled things. I was hoping it was just going to be a list I could then forget about. Looking back down the list I really don’t know which is going to be the hardest to achieve. It’s probably the first one. We do rather wind each other up. I’m surprised the neighbours don’t think a full-scale murder is taking place sometimes… or perhaps they do! It isn’t just me. We’re both so much calmer when we’re kept apart from the other one. Put us together and we both forget our manners completely.

Mum’s resolutions

Mum won’t let me publish the list of her resolutions, but she said this year she’s leaving off losing weight. It was getting depressing seeing the same thing appear every year and not being achieved. Her list is a little sad in places. It includes things she used to do regularly and take for granted. Since Covid she really hasn’t been out. On her list is going out for a meal, which is going to feel like a very big deal for her when she does it.



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  1. Hi everyone, HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all. Let us hope we can all meet up again soon and have a good run about together. Keep safe and well. Lots of love Dickens XXXXX

    • Happy New Year dearest Dickens. Oh I do hope we can run together this year.
      Love to all of you

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