How many paws? – Wednesday 5th January 2022

How many paws?

How many paws does it take to remove all the Christmas lights? Well, if you ask Mum it would have gone much faster if there had been fewer paws trying to help. She had planned to take the very long string of lights down a little at the time, until we showed her how easy it was to get caught up in them. It was also easy to run off with the pieces of string she was using to tie each batch of one hundred lights too, but that’s another story.

Then she found we’d booby-trapped parts of the garden by using it as a toilet. That didn’t go down well either. We had the whole ‘You’re supposed to go on the grass’ lecture thing. I’m finding it too much fun to dig up the grass to want to use it as a toilet.

As I write 1700 lights are down and there are just 600 to go.

Nearly Christmas

Oh you may think it’s all over, but it isn’t in this house. Mum is starting to get excited as Christmas is only another four sleeps away. Forty-four if you’re Shadow and fall asleep at the drop of a hat throughout the day. The presents are ready, the tree will stay up. Mum is starting to think about cooking Christmas dinner and we’re all getting very excited about having Dad fully part of the family again.

It does prolong the hassle of taking down the decorations and the tree is looking a little wilted, but it’s hanging in there. Mum has said she is not going to burden us with more Christmas music, for which I for one am grateful and nor do I have to pull my legs in odd directions to get them into my jumper – also grateful (although I would do that if I thought it would make Dad happy.)



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