Just a flurry – Friday 7th January 2022

Just a flurry

Yesterday there was just a flurry of snow. I stood looking out of the window willing it to continue, but it didn’t. It’s possible that I need to work on that whole ‘making things happen by willpower’ thing. I don’t seem to have got the hang of it just yet. I’m not sure if snow would be the first thing I’d use it on, but it might be a close run thing between that and steak.

I asked Mum if there was going to be anymore – snow not steak. Sadly, unless we move house there is none forecast in the next week or so. If I can have snow then I’m up for moving house but Mum said something about ‘never again’, so I think that’s out.

Rotten apple

I ate one rotten apple too many the other day. Mum thinks we’re eating rather more than one too many, but it was the one that made me sick at 5am I was particularly concerned about. When Shadow is sick Mum is all, ‘Don’t worry, I’ll sort it out. Are you all right?’ When I’m sick she’s, ‘How many times have a told you to stop eating the rotten apples? You should be clearing this up, Wilma.’ There’s just no justice in the world.

Mum has even discussed with Dad the fact they are going to get rid of the remain rotten apples to stop me eating them – even if that means the birds can’t have them either. She says they might just move them to the front garden so the birds can keep eating them but I can’t. Life is so unfair.

Lights are down

I’m pleased to say all the outside lights are now down. I just need to supervise Mum putting them back in their boxes and putting them away. She said they needed to dry out fully first. I don’t think that was just an excuse to only do half the job, but I can’t be certain.