The sheep are back – Sunday 9th January 2022

The sheep are back

Oh the sheep are back and we’re very pleased to see them. It’s been an exciting weekend all round really with more to come today. Yesterday Dad came out of quarantine and we were all so happy to be a family. Mum cooked steak for lunch to celebrate so we were pretty happy about that too, apart from the smoke in the kitchen, that bit was less good. Mum and Dad even managed to move the wardrobe from where it has been standing in the middle of the bedroom floor since we moved in. That means we’ve now got much more space to spread out and get comfortable, which is wonderful.

Then to top it all the sheep came back to the field behind our house. I think Mum was even happier to see them than we were. She loves looking out onto a field of sheep and hearing them baaing.

Relaxing afternoon

The whole day was full of best bits. Mum and Dad spent some time relaxing in the lounge. It meant Mum sat in our big comfy cuddle chair. There’s just enough room for her and me and it was just wonderful. She doesn’t tend to go and sit there while Dad’s not around. I was happy snuggled up to Mum. Shadow was happy getting lots of attention from Dad. Aristotle was happy lounging around and going to each of them in turn for attention every so often. It was bliss.

Now it’s Christmas

Now it’s Christmas Day in our house. Mum will be cooking Christmas dinner and then there’s the present opening. If the weather is better we’ll spend some time outside playing too. Yesterday was too miserable for any of us to think that was a good idea. Happy Christmas everyone.



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