Not going well – Sunday 16th January 2022

Not going well

It’s not going well for Shadow. That’s two nights running that she’s had a collapsing episode. Both times this time it has happened without her actually getting out of bed. I don’t know if that’s good or bad as with losing control of her bladder it means our bed has to go through the wash too. To be fair to Shadow it also meant she needed to go through the wash, or at least have a bath. Mum thought it would be too traumatic for her to actually get into the bath, so she washed her down in with a bowl and shampoo in the garden room. Shadow enjoyed being towelled dry and then having the hairdryer. Mum is going to try her wearing the pants she bought to see how that goes.

Not sure what to do

We’ve already been to the vet and as they couldn’t find anything they could do anything about Mum isn’t really sure that will help. Shadow’s nose is very dry and her breath smells horrible. However, her tummy doesn’t seem too bad so that doesn’t seem to be a factor. I think if it happens for a third consecutive night then Mum will ring the vet tomorrow. She could do with wearing a heart monitor for twenty-four hours to see if they can pick anything up that way.

Pretty miserable

Shadow is pretty miserable about it all and being very clingy. Mind you, if it was happening to me I think I’d find it all a bit scary and not want Mum to be very far away.  We’re just hoping she starts to feel better again soon.

Squirrel feeders

At long last Mum has put up the bird and squirrel feeders. The birds were very grateful and moved in very quickly. We haven’t see the squirrels yet. Mum is having to make sure they know how to use the feeder with the flip lid. They learn very quickly. She starts by propping the lid open so they know there is nice food in it, then she closes it so they have to open it for themselves. It certainly seems to work. Before that when she put it out with the lid shut and didn’t show them, they just didn’t take the food. I suspect it means the camera will be out soon so we can take some photos of our new wildlife friends.




  1. My best to Shadow and you Wilma, as well as your Mum.

    Cannot wait to see what the cameras take of the wildlife.

    • Thank you. We’ve got birds today but no squirrels yet. I’m nagging Mum to get the camera out.
      Love Wilma

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