Attention Seeking – Tuesday 18th January 2022

Attention seeking

I’m starting to think Shadow is just attention seeking. After a night of one coughing episode without collapse, followed four hours later by being sick, Mum decided to take her to the vet. The vet could find no change whatsoever. No temperature. No change to her heart murmur. Nothing. He has taken a blood sample for analysis to see if Shadow has any nutrient deficiencies or any other odd things they can work out from our blood. She could have an overnight heart monitor but that’s very expensive and it’s not happening every night. She refused her food morning and lunchtime, but promptly ate her tea when she came back from the vet. All we can do is see how she gets on.

Beautiful Day

It was a beautiful day here yesterday. Mum did some decorating in the morning and, as you can see from my yellow side, I helped. In the afternoon when Mum came back with Shadow we all went and spent some lovely time outside enjoying the sunshine. Mum said it would do us all good. Ari and I had a mad chase while Mum and Shadow had some quiet time. It helped to make up for how jealous I was of Dad. He went for a walk on Wilma’s Mountain yesterday morning with my Mama Susie and my sister Valeria. Oh how I wished I could have been there too. I guess he was wishing he could be here with us too, so maybe it’s fair.

We were supposed to be doing some work outside, but Mum said we’d just enjoy ourselves for a change. That sounded much better to me. You can take this whole working dog thing too far on a sunny day. Unless my work involves chasing wildlife, I can give it a miss.




  1. Hi Wilma, thank you for the news about Shadow. We are pleased to hear she is doing Ok at the moment. My goodness it is cold here today, minus something – all I know is that I will love my walk later. I much prefer cold to heat. Hope you all have a good day. Lot so of love Dickens XXX

    • It’s cold here too. I feel so alive when it’s like this. I just want to run and run. Ari tries to chase me, but there is no way he’ll ever catch me.
      Have a lovely walk
      Love Wilma

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