Shadow seems to be improving – Wednesday 19th January 2022

Shadow seems to be improving

Well, Shadow seems to be improving again. We just wish we had any idea what causes the episodes to happen. Mum says she should start to keep a special diary note on things she notices with Shadow to see if there is any pattern or build up that she can spot. I think we might all drive ourselves mad trying to work it out. Now it’s happened twice it can’t just be ‘one of those things’, so I guess if we can spot anything it will help. At least now we might all get a little more sleep for a while.

I think Mum’s going to carry on getting Shadow to wear pants at night to be on the safe side but she doesn’t really mind that. Dear Shadow there were some things she got used to in the days of having puppies that are all coming in very useful now. She will just stand quietly while the vet takes her temperature, which is more than can be said for me. I only stand quietly for photographs.

Exciting delivery

Yesterday an exciting delivery arrived. You might think it’s odd as at first thought it is not for us, but you’d be wrong. Mum has got some new staging to go in the greenhouse. Why are we happy? It means there are more jobs to do outside and while she’s busy building it and then planting her seeds we can be chasing around the garden causing mayhem. Everyone wins. The advantage of the green house is that Shadow can be outside too but sitting in the greenhouse near Mum rather than getting cold. It means it’s one of those rare things we all benefit from – except Dave the Yucca plant. Dave may prove to be in the way and he’s already on a final warning. I suspect at the very lease he’s going to have some of his fronds cut.