Getting ridiculous – Monday 24th January 2022

Getting ridiculous

The herb garden plans are getting ridiculous. Aristotle has time on his paws so he’s been working out what he and Mum are going to grow from seed. In our last house he managed to get up to 20 varieties of herb. Now he wants to do better than that. He’s been placing orders on Mum’s credit card again. I hope she’s going to be happy about this. I know she’d already got seeds for eleven varieties but Aristotle has ordered another seventeen! He says I should be grateful as it will help keep Mum outside longer while they’re planting them all.

Asking for trouble

I was looking over his shoulder while he was doing it and asking what each one would taste like. Most of them described the smell, which was good enough for me. I stopped him when he was going to order Valerian. It was tempting but I just knew it would lead to trouble. The description said it attracted cats. Oh, can you imaging the fun we could have? Lure them in and then chase them around the garden. At that point he supposed the Catnip was out as well. Honestly, sometimes I wonder what he’s trying to achieve here.

I’m now wondering if the carrots are more about attracting rabbits than the fact that Mum eats them. His gardening intentions might not be as innocent as I’d presumed.


The one thing Mum forgot to bring to kennels with us was the scoop for our food. We each have one scoop for a meal. I’m trying to convince our lovely carers that the scoop is normally much bigger than the one they’re using. Sadly they know dogs quite well and aren’t fooled. I’m going to have to try different tactics if I’m going to get increased rations.



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