Ashamed – Tuesday 25th January 2022


I’m ashamed. I asked Mum last week to cut all the loose ends of my beautiful woven collar. Oh I know I shouldn’t have got it into this state, but I can’t seem to help it. Anyway, I’ve asked her several times if she’d mind getting the scissors out and trimming it to look tidy. I’d do it myself by I just can’t vet my paw around the scissors handle and Mum says I’m dangerous with a knife. The point is, she didn’t get around to it. Now here I am amongst lots of dogs with lovely smart collars and frankly I look shabby in comparison. Thankfully the yellow paint has worked its way off my fur, but my collar is not looking smart. I shall have words with Mum when I get home.

Running wild

On the plus side I have been running wild with Labradors, Spaniels and oh so many lovely dogs. Ari is trying to keep up, but bless him there’s not really much hope of that. I just love having so many friends to run with. It’s one of the things I’ve really missed while Mum has been shielding at home during the pandemic. At heart I’m a very sociable dog. Shadow is happier in her own company. Ari mainly likes going off after the girls. Me – I’ll run with anyone. I just love to run. I am missing Mum, but I’m happy too. What’s the point in moping? If you do that you just miss out on the fun you could be having.

Checking in

I’ve been checking in with Mum to make sure she is all right without us. She says it’s awfully quiet but she’s ok. The sheep are all behaving without me to bark at them and the birds are making the most of their undisturbed garden time. I hope they don’t all get too settled. They won’t be pleased when I’m home.



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