Worrying about the pond – Friday 28th January 2022

Worrying about the pond

Mum is worrying about the pond. Her biggest concern is our safety. I’ve already told you that there have been a couple of times when Shadow has seemed intent on just carrying on in that direction. You see, the way it is designed, if we fell in there is no easy way for us to clamber out. There are no ramps or steps. Mum wondered whether there was a way to put some staging around the edge at water level, so we could at least get out of the water. It’s deeper than we could put our paws down. She doesn’t really have any experience of these things so doesn’t know where to start.

She was even wondering about draining it so she could do some structural work before refilling it. The problem with that is knowing when would be best. Apparently we can expect there to be frogs finding their way out of it sometime soon and she doesn’t want to disturb them.

New colour

You will be pleased to know I won’t be getting anymore yellow paint on my coat, not for a while anyway. The bedroom is finished. Mum says we can all help with the kitchen now. I’m not sure the purple will look any better on my coat than the yellow did, but I shall soon find out. Mum’s aim is to finish the kitchen by the end of February. Now, given that it has taken several months to do the bedroom, I think she might be kidding herself. She says if we can help to do a little of that every day, then she will spend more time playing outside with us. I hate bribery. The worst is that I fall for it every time. I don’t have Aristotle’s willpower. He is happy to negotiate to get a better deal, I just get excited and accept the first proposal.