Change of Diet – Tuesday 1st February 2022

Change of Diet

Shadow is having a change of diet. She is moving onto the food that Aristotle has. It has an even lower fat content than the one she has been on and is especially designed for gastrointestinal health issues. She won’t change over in one meal and at the moment is just having half and half to make sure she’s fine with it. In a couple of days she will have moved over completely. That’s going to mean that I have to eat up her old food. I’m the only one who can eat anything and everything, so it’s my duty to lend a paw. That way nothing will go to waste. Mum says it just goes to my waist! My own food is fairly low fat, so I probably won’t notice much difference.

It will be interesting to see if there is any improvement in Shadow’s wind problem as a result of the change.

A bit of an argument

We had a bit of an argument yesterday. I really don’t know what came over us, but Ari and me ganged up on Shadow. Can you imagine how much trouble we were in? Mum sat us both down and said she did not expect that sort of behaviour from us, however annoying Shadow was. She even admitted to how annoying she can find Shadow. Anyway, it was her second point which really made us think. Whilst we might have been seeing it as a harmless bit of rough and tumble Shadow might see it differently. When Shadow gets really angry there’s a risk that one of us will get hurt. Put like that, it didn’t seem quite so funny anymore.

Turkey Stew

On a brighter note, we also helped making large quantities of turkey stew yesterday. You know the drill. Our main job was to keep the kitchen floor clean when Mum spilled everything from carrots to turkey stock. There are so many benefits of having a clumsy human.



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