Crate moving – Wednesday 2nd February 2022

Crate moving

We have to do some crate moving today. Originally Ari’s crate was in the utility and mine was outside Mum’s office. I put my paw down. I claimed the big crate. The big crate is Aristotle’s, or at least that’s the theory. Ari simply accepted that he’d have the smaller one. He’s like that. His is just not working out very well. Oh it would be fine if Shadow and I wouldn’t try winding him up when he’s in there trying to sleep. When Shadow goes out in the night we always go and wake him up on the way. He wants to move to a quieter location, where he won’t be disturbed. Mum can’t think of anywhere suitable.

If things go to plan the utility will be enlarged and then we can both have our crates in there. The problem is what we do in the meantime. The garden room will be too warm when the sun is on it in the summer, so that’s out. The kitchen is too busy, so that’s out too.

Making choices

Aristotle had a wander round and said he quite liked the spot on the little landing by the lounge. He thought he’d get a very peaceful time there. Now I’m fed up that I didn’t think of that first. It might be time for me to appear magnanimous and give him back the big crate. I never do these things without an ulterior motive, so I might be rumbled.


I’ve told Mum that it’s time she started some rehabilitation. I want to start taking her out. It’s no good, I’ve missed our mother daughter time too much. I need time with her away from the others and we just don’t get it when we’re at home. I’ve suggested to Mum that we could start with little walks from the house, but if she makes good progress I’m going to start suggesting I take her to other locations. The current situation isn’t good for either of us and it’s time for me to take action.



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