Oh so rotten – Thursday 3rd February 2022

Oh so rotten

The apples that Mum cleared up were oh so rotten! You have to bear in mind I’d stopped eating them and I eat just about anything. Aristotle on the other paw had not stopped. You should have seen the look on his face as Mum shovelled the remaining apples into the wheelbarrow. She was feeling pretty smug, until she saw him run off to the other side of the garden with… you’ve guessed it, a rotten apple. Then she realised there were still some around the base of one of the big apple trees. She dutifully went round spearing them with a fork. A fairly pointless exercise if we’re being honest as they were so rotten they kept falling off again.

She carried on until she ran out of daylight and has said she’ll finish the job today. Now it’s a race against the clock to see who will get to the remaining apples first – Mum or Ari. My money is on Ari. He can be a very determined dog.

The Crate Move

The crate move for Ari has proved a huge success. Mum finished the day yesterday a lot more sane than she had the day before. Ari is not completely pleased with the arrangement but he has grudgingly accepted there is a good point behind it. It will be far better when we get the utility sorted. We’re waiting for approval of the plans so the work can begin. Mind you, Mum has pointed out that life is going to be even more complicated while the work takes place. I suggested she and I could go to Switzerland and leave everyone to it. I don’t think she thinks that’s the best approach. Ari could supervise the work. As long as he didn’t spend all day drinking cider on the job, what could possibly go wrong?