Happy Birthday Shadow – Sunday 6th February 2022

Happy Birthday Shadow

Happy birthday Shadow from all of us. She is a wonderful thirteen years old today. Happy birthday to her brother Rocky too. He lives in Germany now and spends time in Portugal. He’s a bit of a jet-setter, but you could probably tell that from his name. Shadow has said that whilst of course she is looking forward to celebrating, what is a very special event indeed, she will also be thinking of her brothers Freddy and Kai who have already crossed the rainbow bridge.

Birthday plans

Shadow is not planning to do anything too much for her birthday, except for potter around the garden. She has asked Mum if they could have a very gentle game of ball, just so she can feel young again. Mum has said I won’t be able to take part as my games are far too vigorous for Shadow to cope with. I can’t really complain as Mum and I had a lovely game yesterday. We kept going to different parts of the garden and it was huge fun. There was one funny part just before Mum was going to throw the ball one time when I started backing up and she had to stop me. If I’d backed another couple of steps I would have landed in the pond.

Best present

Shadow says the best present she can have, apart from a game of ball, will be Dad coming home to see her on Friday. Even though she knows he’s not here at the moment she’s still been upstairs a few times looking for him. She finds it hard work going up and back but she says she has to try, just in case he’s appeared. She is going to be so happy when she eventually goes up and finds he’s really home again.




  1. HAPPY BITHDAY MUM!!!! Wishing you a lovely day. Relax and take life easy and I hope you have lots of treats too. Love Dickens XXXX

    • She says thank you. Sadly she can’t have lots of treats as her tummy is so delicate, but there is some turkey waiting for her and she will enjoy that.

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