Lovely Day – Monday 7th February 2022

Lovely Day

Shadow had a lovely day yesterday. She has a little game of ball, although it didn’t last long. She said it was too cold and she doesn’t see the ball moving awfully well now so it’s all a bit limited. She did have some turkey with her tea and she enjoyed that very much. She also appreciated her cards and messages and appreciates how fondly she is though of by so many.

My day was lovely as I had a much more lively game of ball than Shadow. I love it when Mum throws the ball at the orchard end of the garden and I can loop around the trees as I bring it back. I never used to be the biggest fan of playing ball, until I found a ball in the garden here that has a squeaker in it. If you combine playing ball with squeaking a squeaker suddenly it is the best thing ever. I love it. We always warm up first so I don’t go injuring myself being crazy dog. If you know what we’re like then you’d see the sense in that.

Mixed week

It’s going to be a mixed week. Grandpa is still in hospital so we’re having to be patient with Mum as she helps granny. On the bright side though Dad will be home on Friday. Oh how happy that will make us all. At the moment the weather forecast is bad from the day he comes home onwards, but we’re really hoping that will change. Especially with the nights starting to get a bit lighter there are just so many things we can be doing. I’m hoping to persuade Mum it’s safe to start going out a little bit too. We could all do with a change of scene. There must be so many walks we could go on. There can’t possibly be people at all of them.