Creatures of habit – Tuesday 8th February 2022

Creatures of habit

We are simple creatures of habit. We have breakfast at 7am, lunch at noon and tea at 4pm. Shadow has her tablets half an hour before tea and gets up in the middle of the night to ask for them then. It means her tablets are about 12 hours apart and Mum never gets to sleep past 3.30am without interruption. Ari goes to bed at 8pm. We know all those times without looking at the clock. Ari also knows the time that children walk past our house to school and back again in the afternoon. He sits at the front door so he can wave and bark as they go by. (Mum is trying to put a stop to that last one.)

Change at your own risk

Anyway, for the last couple of days we have had to have lunch early. Because Mum has taken Granny to see Grandpa we had to have lunch at 11am. It took two days for us to get used to it. Yesterday Mum didn’t have to go out, that in itself was a good thing. We were all hungry and ready for lunch at 11am – that wasn’t so good. We barked, which Mum didn’t think was good at all. She has told us in no uncertain terms that we must not think that is going to become the regular time for lunch. I was thinking if we pushed lunch forward a little more then there would be plenty of time to fit in an extra meal!

While we are on food

While we are on food, I’m still eating up the remainder of the sack that Shadow is no longer having. I like it. It’s much nicer than the one I was eating (and which there is a sack waiting). I’m asking Mum if I can change permanently. She’s told me I can only do that after I have finished the spare sack of food. I suggested she just left it open on the floor and I’d get on with it. Apparently that wasn’t what she meant.



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