Sleep for a week – Sunday 13th February 2022

Sleep for a week

Shadow says she could sleep for a week. She has been upstairs to see Dad more times than I can count. She is so funny the way that with sheer determination she hauls herself up with a combination of bunny hops and sheer willpower. Getting down she comes very slowly so she doesn’t just slither down in a pile. Between that and the lovely time we had outside showing Dad all the things changing in the garden and helping him pruning the apple trees, Shadow is now totally exhausted. And before you doubt that I was helping, when Dad cut a branch off I would run off with it to get it out of the way. I may not have put it where Mum asked if we are being strictly honest, but I did take it out of the way.

Today’s plan

I’m really hoping that the weather forecast for today is wrong. Mum said it’s due to rain most of the day, which would be a shame. If it is fine I think Dad will spend more time outside. It’s good for all of us to do that. Mum says they are going to need to hire a skip for everything that needs to be got rid of. The problem is that she doesn’t want to do that until the end of the cold weather. You see, there are some large piles of branches and garden rubbish which might be home to animals who are hibernating. She wants them to have plenty of time to get up and move on before she starts dismantling their homes. She has promised to make sure there are some suitable places for them next winter so they won’t need to worry.


Mum says if the weather is bad we can do some painting. I do enjoy that, but I want something Dad can be involved in. Unfortunately until he stops quarantining from Mum he won’t be allowed to join us in the kitchen. He may see that as an advantage where the decorating is concerned.



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