Ear infection – Thursday 17th February 2022

Ear infection

Shadow has an ear infection. Mum asked the vet as she’s had to clean Shadow’s ear out quite a lot. It’s not a bad infection, but she needs to have ear drop twice a day for a week and see how it is then. Mum also ran her theory past the vet as to the cause of Shadow’s fainting. It turns out she is quite possibly right but the only way to prove it would be for Shadow to wear the expensive heart monitor for 24 hours or longer. If Mum is right then other than the things she is already doing the only possibility would be for Shadow to be fitted with a pacemaker, which in itself carries a risk for the surgery. At Shadow’s age, they have decided that might not be the best idea.

The plan

The plan is that Mum will carry on managing things with Shadow as they are unless she gets worse. If she does then they will have to reconsider. In the meantime Shadow says she feels much better on her new food.

She didn’t want her vaccinations. Mum said she was almost as bad as me. It’s strange really as she’s been fine about it up until now. I think by the time the vet had poked in her ears and examined her she had already had enough. She’s surprisingly strong for an old dog and when she doesn’t want something it is very hard to make her cooperate – just like me.


None of us is keen on windy weather. We dogs tend to play up and it doesn’t do Mum’s vertigo any good. Having two storms passing through so close together does not make for a happy household. We seem to have survived Dudley without incident but now we’re waiting for Eunice to arrive. I suppose looking on the bright side we are some way from the worst affected areas. I do hope it won’t be too bad for all of you who are more at risk. Take care everyone and don’t take any risks.



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