Kicking our heels – Sunday 20th February 2022

Kicking our heels

We’re kicking our heels and hoping the weather will improve soon. This is absolutely why I prefer spending this time of year in my native Switzerland. The weather is so much better. Mum says I have to stop thinking like that and make the most of where we are. Ari spent some time on the computer trying to understand what trees we should plant to create something of a wind break. Unless they are very fast growing I guess they won’t really benefit him. I thought maybe a high wall would be quicker and more effective.

Ari is getting concerned that Mum hasn’t started the seed planting with him yet. He says they could be doing some of that in the greenhouse today. The main ones that need to be in are the parsnips and they are outside, so Mum is not so keen. She says another few days won’t hurt.


As we couldn’t spend so much time outdoors we all helped with the decorating. If Mum and Dad are going to leave cupboard doors open with wet paint on them, then they really can’t be surprised when we all get paint on our coats. Perhaps we didn’t have to squeeze through the spaces they’d tried to block us off from, but where would the fun have been in doing what they wanted?

I think there is more painting planned for today, so I guess we have another opportunity to wreak havoc. I’m ready to move onto a new colour as I don’t think the purple goes that well with my coat.

Ah well, as there’s nothing much happening yet, I’m going to see who’s still in bed and hope they will let me get in with them. If I can’t spend the day outdoors then I’d like to spend it being cuddled.



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