Sleeping it off – Monday 7th March 2022

Sleeping it off

We spent quite a lot of time out gardening yesterday and today we’re sleeping it off. Shadow opted to stay indoors for some of the time as she was tired. Ok, truth is she was fed up with me and Ari, but it amounts to the same thing. We can’t help it if we are too boisterous for her. Mum spent some time pruning the roses. Ari didn’t want to help with that as he says it hurts his paws and he doesn’t like thorns. To be fair one of the rose bushes does seem to be the plant from hell and totally covered in thorns. Mum said it’s a thornless rose bush’s evil twin. The funny thing is that we’re still discovering what is in the garden and Mum found several rose bushes she had no idea were there.

Having a good bark

Later Mum was repotting some of the cuttings and we couldn’t all fit in the greenhouse. She seemed happy enough and Ari said he thought she could be trusted to do it on her own. He and I ran round barking at each other and finding sticks to chew. There are plenty of sticks so we had a lot of choice. Every so often we’d hear Mum’s voice boom over the garden ‘Drop it, Wilma’ or ‘Leave it and come’. She can be such a killjoy. We did take some photos to show Dad some of the things that are flowering.

More to come

We love living somewhere with a big garden that means Mum spends so much time outside. She has promised to make a start on cutting the grass if it’s dry again today. There are still some rose bushes to prune too, so I’m guessing she will be outdoors for a while. We do find after all the fresh air we sleep remarkably well.



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