An unexpected night – Wednesday 9th March 2022

An unexpected night

We had a very unexpected night the night before last. I woke Mum at just after 1am. She of course presumed I was going to be sick again and after the previous day’s incident she was up and ready to take me out before you could say freezing cold. Anyway, what she didn’t know, at least not until we were outside the back door, was that I had heard deer in the garden. As soon as she opened the door I was off. I had to pause for a sniff to make sure I know where to find them. Then I raced up into the orchard hunting for the deer. Mum of course realised what was happening and was clearly not happy with me. Whilst she went to get the biscuit box, which when shaken always gets my attention, I was in chase mode.

Poor deer

The poor deer tried to jump the fence where we were but of course it’s too high just there. Then it ran around the edge of the garden with me in pursuit. I might be able to run quickly, but the deer could run even faster. Eventually it cleared the fence in the corner by our neighbour. That was when I heard the biscuit box being shaken so had to decide between the smell of the deer or the thought of a biscuit. I’m a good girl at heart and came in for a biscuit. I do hope the deer is all right. I really didn’t mean it any harm. Mum has said next time she will just let me be sick in the house if the alternative is chasing wildlife – oh and barking.

Hoof marks

We went round the garden in the morning looking to make sure the fence was ok too. It was really interesting to see the deep hoof marks where the deer had run. With the ground being so soft still it had made perfect hoof shaped dents.




  1. Hi Wilma, I enjoyed your tale of night adventures!
    Please can I use your diary to wish all the Entlebuchers going to Crufts tomorrow GOOD LUCK! and to all those going for a lovely doggy day out, enjoy yourselves. I do miss seeing everyone but will watch on TV and hope to spot some dogs I know.
    Love to you all. Dickens XX woof woof

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