This is the life – Wednesday 16th March 2022

This is the life

This is the life. I really must take some more photos for you. At last the house and garden are seamlessly part of each other. Of course, that will only last until it rains and then Mum will complain about us bringing mud in. Days that drift from inside to outside are just perfect. One minute I can help with the decorating, although on this occasion Mum ended up wearing more pain than I did. The next I can be outside working out what’s needed to repair the greenhouse. Although to be fair, the greenhouse is more Aristotle’s domain.

We do have to be careful that we don’t lose Shadow. She’s either fast asleep inside and has no idea we’ve gone out, or she’s wandered off and has no idea we’ve gone in. Mum says she ought to get one of those belts with a clip so that Shadow is permanently attached to her. She could be on one of those extending leads so she can wander a little way but it can then real back in as needed.

Rose Arch

Mum says we can all help putting up the new rose arches. I’m not sure if it will be today or tomorrow. To be frank, she’s more excited at the prospect than we are, but we humour her. We’re planting the rose garden with a mixture of cuttings from our old house and presents of roses we were given by our friends when we left. Mum says whenever she sits in that part of the garden she will enjoy thinking about all the lovely times we had living there. It’s a nice thought and I do like the smell of roses.

One thing we can do today is put the new solar lights in their final homes. The lights spent yesterday charging. The Mum checked that they worked. Now we have to decide where they’ll look best. The best bit is that it means more time outdoors.



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