Not normal – Thursday 17th March 2022

Not normal

Yesterday was most certainly not normal. Earlier this week Dad told us how red the sky was in Switzerland and then Mama’s human put some photos on facebook. What should have been blue sky was a red colour with sand from the Sahara. It looked amazing – while it was there! Yesterday it was here rather than there and it really didn’t look quite so amazing. For one thing we didn’t have blue sky for it to work with. We had what would have been grey clouds, except they were brown instead and it didn’t really get properly light all day. Mum would have had the door closed anyway as it rained heavily all day.

As you can imagine, it put paid to finishing testing the new solar lights. No lights were going to be charging with a sky like that.

Paws crossed

Today is forecast to be better weather so I’m now hoping that the things we planned for yesterday can happen today. We were all a bit in the doldrums yesterday. It wasn’t helped by Mum not being able to get the central heating to work. It turned out she’d accidentally reset the thermostat while decorating so the heating wasn’t actually getting warm. She was very grumpy until she found out what was wrong. She was still grumpy, but not quite as bad after that.

The cement has now arrived so at some point Mum can do the jobs that will need that, but I don’t think those will be today. She said she might wait for Dad to be around to help. I think that’s a bad idea after seeing him stick his fingers together with superglue. Just imagine what he could achieve with cement. It doesn’t bear thinking about. I certainly won’t be offering to help.