The Camera Lies – Saturday 19th March 2022

The Camera Lies

The camera lies, that’s all I’m going to say on the subject. I don’t think it just adds 10 pounds as the film stars say. I think it adds a whole lot more. Mum decided to take some photographs of the garden with her good camera and as a result my diet has been reduced and I’ve been told I have to exercise more. How am I supposed to cope on less food? For a start I ate my tea and then pushed Ari out of the way so that I could eat his. Mum says if I keep that up I’ll be grounded while the others eat and have to wait to have mine. This is not looking good.

More exercise

Then there’s the whole exercise thing. Apparently, it’s not good for me to sit and watch the world go by. I’m not supposed to just choose a sunny spot and observe from there while Mum does the work. She conceded I shouldn’t get in the way of the lawn mower, but other than that I should be following her around the garden and doing laps at regular intervals.

Now we’ve got some better weather at least we can be outside more. It’s not as simple as that though. She’s also told me to stop eating everything I can find in the garden. I’ve told her the only solution is for her to stop working and spend her time playing ball with me outside. I might of discovered chasing a ball late in life, but now I’m happy to do it for ages as long as the ball has a squeak in it. She has agreed to consider my request.

Sleeping well

The one good thing about being able to be outdoors so much is that we are all sleeping well. Shadow bless her is completely out the minute she lies down. That can be in front of where Mum has stopped still while she’s thinking, or by her feet when she’s washing up. We all have to step round Shadow and carry on leaving her exactly where she is until she wakes up.



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