Change of Plan – Monday 21st March 2022

Change of plan

Yesterday involved a big change of plan. Mum still went to see Granny, but instead of gardening it was all paws on deck to help sort out a problem with moths. In her younger day, Shadow would have been best placed to help with this one by catching and eating them. Those days are gone. I spent the day with the washing machine going in my room, so I kept out as much as possible. The moths had eaten there way through a small piece of carpet next to where the ironing pile was. Mum does not do ironing, so the pile has been ignored for a while. Mum also only wears natural fibres, which meant the moths thought all their birthdays and Christmases had come at once and had moved in. Thankfully Mum thinks she found the problem before they had a good old munch.

Needless to say there was a lot of vacuuming, cleaning, washing and generally distributing cedar around the place. Which all went to prevent the rose arches being installed.

On the bright side

Of course every cloud has a silver lining and it does mean we can look forward to lots of time outdoors today installing the rose arches and cutting the grass. The sealant has arrived for the greenhouse too, as well as the replacement vents, so there is plenty to keep us all occupied. Mum says the weather is forecast to be good all week, so it should be good for all of us – except the moths. It’s not a good week for the moths. Mum is going to keep vacuuming until she is happy they have all given up. Our house is going to be cleaner than it’s ever been before – or will be again. At least until the next lot of moths move in.