More fencing – Saturday 26th March 2022

More fencing

Mum needs to put a little more fencing around the pond. Thankfully she has already bought enough to do what needs doing but it’s Shadow again. Mum took us out before bed and Shadow needed a poo. Sadly that took long enough for her to become disorientated. Instead of turning around and coming back in the way she had gone out, she continued off along the garden and Mum had to catch her at the side of the pond. That part is quite a long way down if she were to fall over the edge, so it really wouldn’t be good news. Mum is even wondering if it might be safer to get Shadow a bungee lead attached to Mum’s belt so she can’t stray far. The problem with that would be it would restrict how far and how fast Mum could go.

Dinghy needed

Our pond isn’t really that big, but Mum needs to get some weed out of the middle of it. She has been quite successful with a rake head on the end of a rope, but now she needs to get nearer. She prefers the idea of a long handled net or something along those lines. I like the idea of a dinghy we could go out in together. The biggest problem with that is that she has told me outright that she would not share with me. I’m wondering if I could have a dinghy of my own. I could get out to the ducks more easily when they are here for a swim.

Now, the other thought is that if I had a small dinghy I could use it to rescue Shadow if she went in. Although, Mum has pointed out that the real problem is night time when it’s hard to see what we’re doing and a dinghy wouldn’t really fix that.



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