An Off Day – Monday 28th March 2022

An Off Day

Shadow was having an off day yesterday. She was cheered up hearing from some of her children for mother’s day, but apart from that she struggled. She said she’d been feeling very confused  and was quite clingy to Mum as a result. She was off her food too. We’re hoping that she’ll bounce back to normal today, but Mum is definitely keeping a very close eye on her.

My diet

I know I’m overweight. Mum has tried and tried to get me to lose some, but I don’t help matters at all. In theory I’m on a very strict low fat diet. In practice, I also help myself to anything I can find. I barge Aristotle out of the way to get his food and Mum has to guard Shadow’s bowl so I don’t have that. I go around the garden finding anything edible – and I do mean anything. If Mum isn’t looking I have my nose into her plate. I’m just not good at dieting. Mum totally despairs of me.

Only one answer

The only answer is for Mum to get over all her covid fears again and take me for long walks every day. Then we can both eat more without it being a problem. When Dad comes home on Friday he’s going to help Mum to try to overcome how she feels. It’s hard here as people just don’t respect your space and they don’t wear masks. Mum has retreated into the safety of home again and it probably isn’t good for either of us.

The only thing for it is to go to Switzerland so I can spend a lot of time walking in our favourite place. I want to see Mama too, so it really would be a good idea.



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