Getting Ready – Thursday 31st March 2022

Getting ready

We’re getting ready for Dad coming home tomorrow. There’s just one small problem. Well, if I’m being strictly honest there are probably quite a lot of small problems – or at least dozens. Mum is still fighting the moth invasion in the rooms he uses to quarantine from Mum when he first arrives.

Every time Mum goes up there to vacuum (twice a day), Shadow gets excited and follows her, just in case Dad has arrived without her realising. Mum keeps reassuring her that she will be the first to know when he’s here, but Shadow is such a determined little dog.

Dodging the rain

Mum is becoming addicted to the weather app on her phone so we can work out dodging the showers. She is prioritising cutting the grass and playing ball with me. I’m very happy about the second of those. If there is any more dry time then she can get on with other garden jobs with Aristotle. He’s a bit miffed as he thinks that’s more important than my game of ball, but I think he’s just a bit jealous.

Going yellow

It’s fair to say I’ve got less paint on my coat at the moment than Mum has on her jumper. Unless it comes out in the wash, I don’t think she’ll be wearing that one again in public. It wouldn’t be so bad if it was all one colour, but it isn’t. Most of the extra on her jumper is a sort of plum colour. Now however we’re adding a mustard yellow and even to me as a dog, they are not colours that go well together. You will be pleased to know they are in different rooms. Sadly, it doesn’t mean she’s finished the last room, but I guess you can’t have everything.



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