One happy Shadow – Saturday 2nd April 2022

One happy Shadow

We have one happy Shadow. She is so happy to have Dad home. He was later getting here than planned and she was exhausted from the excitement before he even arrived. Every time Mum had been near the front door she ran along just in case he was here. When he finally came through she was there to greet him and bestow him with a good old Entlebucher welcome. She gets first dibs as if we’re all there Ari and I have a habit of crushing Shadow in our haste to get to Dad. It can all become very uncomfortable – for Shadow anyway!

Hoping for Sun

If the weather app that Mum is using is right, we’re all hoping for some reasonable weather this afternoon and plan to spend it outside in the garden. We can’t wait to show Dad all we’ve been doing. Mum’s rather hoping he’s going to help with the work too. I’m planning him to throw the ball for me when Mum gets fed up. She has said she doesn’t want him throwing it too far as it’s hard to call through to the sheep and ask them to send our ball back.

Nearly the holidays

We have one more working week and then we’re all taking two weeks holiday. In Aristotle’s case it will be hard to notice the difference. However, Mum and Dad are taking two weeks off just to spend with us. I think that was what Mum said anyway. She might also have mentioned hiring a skip and some decorating, but I took it to mean they would be at my beck and call for two weeks. Mum is still not keen to go out very much which in this instance is definitely to our benefit. Paws crossed for lots of good weather.



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