Time with Dad – Sunday 3rd April 2022

Time with Dad

We had such a lovely time with Dad in the garden yesterday. We all piled in for a cuddle when he sat down and spent our time helping when Mum and Dad were working. Mum started cutting the grass but then stopped as it suddenly started snowing. Ari was pleased to make a start on some of the greenhouse repairs that he needed help with. The birds were pleased that Dad sorted out some of the rotten apples for them. Ari was fed up about that as Dad has put them where he can’t get to them, in the front garden.

Playing Ball

Dad kicked our Boomer Ball but Mum had to explain we hadn’t really taken to it. Shadow made a valiant effort to go after it, but decided it was all a little too much for her and gave up. I had a lovely game of ball while the other two were indoors. It’s going to be better when all the clearing up has been finished as once or twice the ball disappeared into piles of things that made it hard to retrieve. Mum had to help me then. There are a few nettles I have to be careful not to run into too. Mum has promised that she will cut those back this week, so things should improve.

Sleeping well

The good thing with all the fresh air is that it means we are all sleeping well. The bad thing on the other paw is that apparently I’m snoring loudly. Thankfully, I’m asleep so I don’t have to hear it and with Shadow being deaf it’s not a problem for her either. Mum says she quite likes to hear my snores, so that just leaves the boys to object. (Mum says I don’t need to worry if they mind as they snore too!)