The End Result – Monday 4th April 2022

The end result

The end result of Shadow eating all the things around the garden, despite everything Mum told us, was a lot of clearing up for Mum. As a result, while the rest of us were outside yesterday, Shadow was asked to stay indoors. Mum said she could come out and join us all at the times Mum could supervise her every move and not otherwise. Mind you, Ari and I had a bit of a fight, so it was probably a good job Shadow wasn’t in the way. I was in huge trouble with Mum. I don’t normally respond when Ari starts looking for an argument, but yesterday I snapped – literally.

Ari’s legs

Ok, so his legs were hurting, but that’s not my fault. He overdid on Saturday. To be honest, he’s as bad as his mother. Anyway, just because your legs hurt is no excuse for having a go at everyone around you. I know I shouldn’t have snapped and I know I was in the wrong, but sometimes I’ve just had enough. Mum said I should have known better, but what about Aristotle? He’s older than me and he doesn’t seem to have learnt.

I suppose Mum could see that really as he was sent indoors and I enjoyed a lot of time outside helping Mum and Dad on my own.

Today’s plan

If things go to plan then today Mum will be hiring a skip. I’m quite excited as we’ll finally find out if anything is lurking in the piles of rubbish. Mum doesn’t suppose there is now as we have pretty much chased it all off, but it will still be interesting. She’s said she will dismantle the piles carefully in case anything needs to move out and find a new home. This might take a while.

Oh I forgot to tell you about the heron too. It was sitting by the pond when Mum went into the kitchen. Sadly it saw her move so the only picture was of it flying away. There aren’t any fish in our pond so it must have had a disappointing visit.



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